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​Our clients tell us over and over again that we have made a real, lasting difference in their lives. How? It's in the way we care...the way we listen...the way we encourage...the way that coaching is crafted carefully and individually for each client...the value and relevance of the insights we share...the practical steps that we encourage our clients to take...and the professionalism with which we conduct the coaching relationship from the very first step.  We are confident that you will never regret engaging in the coaching journey through Calsen Coaching. ​


"Always a dreamer, I have been called an optimist with her head in the clouds. For years I fought against the stigma of irresponsibility, secretly hiding it or trying to push it away - and always failing. I have been amazed at how Tiffany's attuned ear and grounded insights have changed my perspective of both myself and the world around me: I have learned to see those inescapable facets of my character as qualities that make me uniquely me, and which can be harnessed for my own success. And perhaps more importantly, I have learned that our dreams are NOT frivolous; we are only in need of someone to clear the way for us to see their true potential." 

Diana Smith, Communications Specialist, USA

"My experience working with Tiffany has been an awakening. In general, I found the coaching process to be very motivating and exciting. I’ve identified areas of counterproductive thinking that have been prohibiting me from realizing my full potential for living a happier and more fulfilling life personally and professionally. I’ve learned tools and have made goals that will help me stay on target with my objectives.”


Jason Wright, VP & Account Manager

Leading Financial Institute, USA

"Tiffany helped me see in myself something hidden that had been blocking forward movement with my career and dreams. For years I had been stuck, but because of her insightful guidance, I have been moving forward successfully. I am so grateful for her tremendous gift!"



Random House Publishing, USA



"I was a keen advocate for our Board and Exec Team engaging with the Insights Discovery programme, although somewhat intrigued about the whole 'colours' thing! The rest of the group were scattered along the spectrum of 'keen interest/Insights believer' through to 'cynic/at least it will be fun'.  Having said that, there was definitely a buzz of anticipation as we met for our Away Day, following each of our completing the online questionnaire. 


The anticipation was well deserved as jaws literally dropped open when our personal Insights profiles were handed to us. It was uncanny how each of us was summed up so well. The cynics became believers in that moment!


And through it all, Tiffany facilitated and guided - keeping us focussed, creating space for dialogue to take place and helping us as we each gained insight into ourselves individually, and as a team. She is superb at this!

I know that our Board and Exec Team found it all highly useful and beneficial, both for the work of Rectrix and also for the other varied work places which the Board represents.  I recommend Insights and Tiffany wholeheartedly!"


Pippa Harry, CEO, Rectrix

"Tiffany has helped me to recognize the gifts and qualities I have been given. She has encouraged me to use them courageously and boldly to live authentically and to step out in faith in many areas of my life."


Laura Ann, USA 

"When I started working with Tiffany I was at the crossroads and felt like my decisions career wise were too important to make them flippantly. She is helping me see life as an adventure where fears of failure are not that powerful any more. I've been able to focus on my strengths and to be proactive about my career. Coaching with Tiffany is like a fresh breeze in my sail."


Yulia Zhmurko

Kyiv, Ukraine


"Thought provoking, inspiring and empowering. Tiffany has a wonderful ability to ask probing questions, which helped me identify what energises me and revealed areas of my life that are presently less than fulfilling. Through this awareness she has given me a starting point and strategy to begin making changes.”


K.S., United Kingdom



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