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Team Building and Effectiveness/Leadership Skills/Management Skills/Giving & Receving Feedback/Conflict Resolution

Practical team-building exercises to use as you go forward as a team

23-page Insights Personal Profile report for each participant

Personal development action plan for each participant

What would the potential be for you and/or your organisation if you understood better what made you tick and how others perceive you?  If you knew how to communicate with others to get the most out of them and ensure powerful results?  If you knew how to avoid unnecessary conflict and effectively address it if it does arise? 


Carlsen Coaching provides engaging, fun and transformational workshops for individuals and teams where we explore the reasons why we think and behave the way we do.  Using the Insights Discovery Personal Profile tool, the workshop facilitates individuals and teams through a Journey of Discovery to focus on strengths, celebrate positive differences, understand blind spots, and honour self and others.


Our clients regularly say these sessions bring major breakthroughs in how they think and function. They allow foundational agreements to be made together as to how to relate in the future in order to ensure positive change.


In addition to the above benefits, the workshops will provide you with: 


"I have worked with Tiffany for both group coaching and one-to-one coaching.  In each of these settings, Tiffany brings a high level of knowledge and expertise, combining it well with understanding the needs of the group and individuals. Tiffany is great at pacing the coaching sessions, mixing theoretical and practical application appropriately, whilst also taking the time to respond to questions or picking up on points that warrant further exploration.  Both my colleagues and myself have found Tiffany’s coaching sessions to be beneficial in how we perform individually and as a team, whilst also giving us increased self-awareness and self-confidence. I would highly recommend working with Tiffany."

Lawrence Sum

Director of Communications

Scottish Bible Society

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