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Emotional And Physical Resilience/Relationship With Medics, Family Friends/Impact on Work, Finances​/Symptom and Stress Management


Medical Coaching gives you greater emotional and mental wellbeing whilst you are facing chronic illness or medical crises so that you look to the future with hope and positive expectation.


The beauty and strength of the Medical Coaching model is that it addresses all aspects of the your life and not just the symptoms or the disease. Rather than helping you to merely cope with a medical crisis or condition, we work with you to create a comprehensive action plan that enables you to create a life that is fulfilling despite your diagnosis. The action plan incorporates the physical body, emotions and thought patterns, social connections, communicating with medical teams and loved ones, finances, work and living environment, and more.


As a result, you develop your own resources and mechanisms for change, meaning you are no longer helpless to what has happened, but are empowered to go after and achieve the goals and vision you have for your life.


Through the Medical Caoching process, Carlsen Coaching will facilitate and support you in:


Setting goals and developing plans in the midst of a medical crisis or condition 

Discovering new perspectives and personal resources that will help you face medical challenges

Providing emotional support and relaxation techniques that help manage stress and reduce anxiety and fear

Re-programming and managing traumatic memories related to or triggered by the medical crisis

Building strong communication skills that you can use with your care giver, medical team, family and community.



Want to learn more about Medical Coaching?  Check out this video about the power behind the process!

"Coaching and more specifically medical coaching has given me the space and the time to process what happened to me over a medical crisis. Being able to be unashamedly honest of the reality of recovery touching on both the emotional effects and helping me with practical aspects like appointments and goals. But beyond that I am learning that illness doesn't rob me of the power of my choices and Tiffany has helped me gain the confidence again to trust in my decisions and look forward to the life I want to lead." 

Beth Allnutt

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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