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You Matter.

You matter!  Whether you are an individual or a team. Your strengths, your passions, your ideas, your activities, your beliefs, your dreams - they matter very much to me.  You will experience this truth on our coaching journey together. My number one desire is to see you flourish and to be the best version of you. Are you ready for this? Let's go!


Your Greatest Self.


Life is a process of discovering the very best each of us can be and what our purpose in life is. We get to take this forward together. When I coach you, you gain greater insight in your understanding of who you really are and what it is your want out of life. It's my privilege and joy to see you awaken to all that you were created to be and start living out your full potential.   

Live Empowered.


When I coach, I focus on the power you have to choose.  Together we explore all the possibilities that are in front of you and from there, you make choices that are empowering and move you forward towards the things you want to achieve in life.  


But what happens when life deals you something you didn't choose? This is true of illness. No one chooses to be ill. So how can you face a medical diagnosis and still feel empowered and in control? Through the medical coaching process my desire is to help you build emotional and mental resilience in all areas of life so that you have strength, hope and fulfillment despite your medical condition.  

stop just talking



For me, understanding your purpose and vision is key. If you don't have that as a starting point, then you don't know what goals to set or how to move forward towards a much more fulfilled, happy life. This applies to not only individuals but teams as well.


Team coaching takes the benefits of one-to-one coaching and, through the use of workshops, puts it in a group context. In my workshops, teams work together to develop vision, share ideas and motivate one another. Facilitated by a coach, participants are guided through a highly participative, powerful process of exploring possibilities, clarifying desired outcomes, reviewing current reality, identifying the gaps and obstacles to success and establishing effective action plans to move forward as a team. What they experience in return is greater communication, unity, passion and drive to achieve their vision and purpose.





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Tiffany Carlsen,  Founder & Director of Carlsen Coaching

"Through working with Tiffany I have literally been enabled to change my life. Through her insightful, transformational coaching, I have taken huge, almost unexpected steps to take control of what is important to me. I have found new energy, confidence and direction in both my professional and personal life. Her style is warm, supportive and encouraging while at the same time challenging and keeping me accountable for my actions. I cannot advocate Tiffany’s coaching enough.”

Trish Dooley

Coach, CPCC, ACC

United Kingdom

"I had reached a point in my professional life where I felt stuck in a rut and unable to move forward. Tiffany, through her warm, unpatronising and positive style, helped me make some key decisions about how to turn things around, and most important, to identify the individual steps that would get me to where I wanted to be. It was liberating to finally move out of a period of stagnation. I've already experienced some of the positive changes that have come about as a result of those decisions."


Alan G, President

Centre for Leadership Development

United Kingdom

"The feedback I've received [from my Executive Team] has been very positive and there have been good discussions on the merits of Tiffany's coaching."


General Manager

Five Star Luxury Hotel

London, UK



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